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MPLED Unveils Cutting-Edge LED Display Solutions at KOBA Exhibition 2024

May 07, 2024

MPLED will showcase its latest LED display solutions at the upcoming Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA) to consolidate its leading position in the industry. The exhibition will be held from May 21st to 24th, 2024, at booth C-C601, featuring two of its most representative product series: the ST series and RS series LED displays.

The RS series LED displays have gained attention for their outstanding stability and reliability, utilizing advanced dual backup power signal technology to ensure prolonged stable operation. Equipped with a refresh rate of up to 7680HZ and power current equalization technology, the RS series delivers an exceptional visual experience. Additionally, the RS series supports various installation methods and creative splicing designs, providing customers with more choices and convenience.

On the other hand, the ST series, integrated with conference all-in-one machines, features a lightweight design and seamless splicing technology. With a wide viewing angle and high refresh rate, the ST series presents clear and vivid image effects in various conference scenarios, offering an immersive visual experience.

A senior executive at MPLED stated, “MPLED will continue to strive to provide customers with high-quality products and services. We look forward to discussing the development trends of LED display technology with professionals from various fields at the KOBA exhibition and sharing the latest achievements of MPLED.”

MPLED sincerely invites the general audience to visit booth C-C601 and witness the new chapter in LED display technology. At the KOBA exhibition, MPLED looks forward to collaborating with you to create a better future!

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