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MPLED Shines at IC24 Exhibition with Innovative RS and XR Series LED Displays

June 27, 2024

From June 12th to 14th, 2024, the IC24 exhibition took place in Las Vegas, USA, spanning three days. With its professional expertise and eye-catching booth, MPLED showcased its latest RS and XR series products, receiving widespread attention and high praise.

stage rental LED Display wall screen  Virtual stage LED screen

RS Series Stage Rental LED Screens

Outstanding Performance and Innovative Design

  • The dual backup power design ensures stable display performance, allowing smooth operation even under special circumstances.
  • It supports versatile installation methods, including hanging, stacking, and curved setups, meeting diverse stage requirements.
  • With a 7680Hz high refresh rate, it is not only ideal for stage rental but also provides
  • excellent visual effects for virtual film shooting.
MPLED Hoisting rental stage LED screen Rental

XR Series Virtual Production Stage LED Screens

Precision Colors and High Refresh Rate

  • The XR series virtual production stage LED screens feature 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, ensuring precise color reproduction.
  • They eliminate scan line issues even at minimum brightness levels.
  • With 32-bit grayscale processing, they achieve superior color representation and detail reproduction.
  • The 7680Hz high refresh rate makes them widely applicable in virtual production, broadcasting, exhibitions, and professional film shooting scenarios.

Appreciation and Outlook

MPLED extends heartfelt gratitude to all visitors and supporters. We remain committed to technological innovation and product optimization, providing customers with superior LED display solutions. We look forward to meeting you again at future exhibitions, witnessing more technological breakthroughs and exciting displays together!

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