MPLED Download including MPLED LED display and one-stop solution brochure, novastar led screen configuration software (NovaLCT & SmartLCT), Novastar controller and video processor specification, manual and video, etc. We provide free download link and the stable version LED software with along with comprehensive technical support and 24/7 service

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MPLED Display Brochure

Novastar Software

Novastar Spec And Manual

Novastar Operation Video

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MPLED Display Brochure

LED Video wall, Stage Display, DOOH, UHD Display, Creative Display, Naked-eye 3D, Virtual Studio

Novastar Software

NovaLCT, VPlayer, Nova studio etc software

Novastar Spec And Manual

Video processor, video controller, video splicer, multimedia player, cloud etc specification and manual

Novastar Operation Video

LED Screen controller system Novastar operation and introduction video

MPLED LED Display Brochure

MPLED LED Display including Indoor Commercial LED Screen, Outdoor LED Billboard(DOOH/OOH ), Stage& Rental LED Display, Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display, LED Video Wall, All-In-One LED Display, Creative LED Display etc.

MPLED also offer one-stop solution, Like Virtual Studio, Naked-eye 3D, Rental&Stage LED Display, sports Solution, Customized solution etc. More details please check below. Should you need to do project support, please contact our project manager, we will offer you what you need and more than you need.


MPLED Novastar SOFTWARE NovaLCT and VPlayer

Nova Studio – The Latest Novastar Control Software Free Download Center, You Can download the NovaLCT and VPlayer, multimedia play, vca, led control, cloud novas, freely.



Used for LED Display parameters setting and connecting

img_download_Remote control tool

Remote control tool


Attention: We ONLY Support the Customers Who Bought LED Display From Us Directly or our customer authority our engineer go to support his customer

The login user name of nova tech login Taurus series multimedia players is “admin”, and the default password is “123456”

Taurus series multimedia players have their own WiFi AP, the default
The SSID is “AP+SN last 8 digits”, the default password is “12345678”

After you download it, or need more technical support, Please Send E-mail to We will arrange international Novastar NCE certificate engineer support you.

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    Novastar Spec and Manual

    Nova Tech product, including Novastar sending box MCTRL300, MCTRL600, MCTRL4K, MCTRL1600 etc synchronous LED Display controller, Also including LED Cloud controller, like TB1, TB20, TB30, TB40, TB50, TB60 etc asynchronous control box.Video Wall Splicer including H series, H2, H5, H9, H15; Video seamless Switcher J6 and N9 etc; Video processor All In One Controller including vx400,vx600,vx1000,vx4s,vx6s, Novapro HD, NovaPro UHD, NovaPro UHD Jr etc. Also including some cloud player and media Playe, like ViPlex Handy, Taurus Series Multimedia Player. and some control platform, such as VNNOX One-Stop Cloud Platform iCare, VMP Vision Management Platform etc. More details please check below list. if you need more details or technical support, Our international engineer will 24/7 service for you.

    Novastar Operation Video

    MPLED Taurus Multimedia player led display

    Cloud Solution: Taurus Series and Vnnox Caresetting

    MPLED MCTRSL 4K Extra long load

    Basic Configuration of NovaLCT

    H Series led display screen Video Stitching Processor

    H Series Introduction and Operation

    mpled vx series led display video processor

    All-in-One Video Controllers Introduction

    MPLED HDR 3D long distance Solution introduction

    HDR, 3D, Fiber Long Distance Solution Introduction

    mpled VICP led display

    Visual Intelligent Control Platform NovaStar VICP

    mpled 5G+8K UHD LED display solution


    mpled One stop led display management solution


    MPLED NovaStar COEX Series led display solution

    NovaStar COEX Series Solution