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Virtual Studio

MPLED Virtual Production Solution integrates high-config LED displays,camera tracking systems,and powerful graphics processing engines.With deep integration of motion capture,augmented reality (AR),virtual reality (VR),5G,and other technologies,it allows real objects like people or products to be immersed in a virtual world without the need for green screens or post-production.With industry-leading data processing capabilities and a comprehensive one-stop solution service,MPLED XR Studio Solution is widely used in advertising shooting,film/virtual production,TV series/web drama,MTV and online concerts,studio recordings,esports events,and online brand events.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

MPLED FPS LED Display wall screen

High frame rate

Up to 240 frame transmission per second making dynamic images more realistic and vivid

MPLED 7680HZ LED Display wall screen

High Refresh

Support 7680Hz refresh rate,240frame per second transmission,make dynamic images more realistic and vivid

MPLED 20Bit LED Display wall screen

High grayscale

The grayscale of the screen is as high as 20bit,which is much higher than the industry's 10bit or 12bit,and it can show brilliant details even in low light.


HDR support

Wider color Gamut+High brightness+High grayscale=True HDR,rich and textured colors.

More Advantage

Should you have any question of your project,please contact us,our professional project manager will give you a satisfactory solution.

Turnkey professional

MPLED offer One-stop XR LED display solution LED Display+video compositing server XR-c+Video render server XR-R+camera tracking system.

MPLEDTurnkey professional solution LED Display


DCI-P3 10x better color accuracy ! To a level compatible with the DCI certification

MPLED DCI-P3 LED Display wall screen

High Brightness

1500-2000nits high brightness,the screen can be visible at spotlight.Meanwhile MPLED XR solution support pixel to display brightness,Nature dynamics in not llmited to 600 nits!

MPLED High Brightness LED Display wall screen

Realistic restoration

Support 7680Hz refresh rate,240frame per second transmission,make dynamic images more realistic and vivid.

MPLED Realistic restoration LED Display wall screen XR Display

Customized plan

In the virtual studio scene,the construction structure of the LED display screen often needs to be determined in combination with specific project requirements.According to the measurement of virtual production content,you can choose a single LED display,or you can choose a combination of LED display and dance floor stage LED screen or sky LED screen.

MPLED Multiple shapes are optional LED Display

Never black screen

Adopted unique current sharing technology allows you to get rid of the trouble of black screen caused by power failure and ensure the smooth progress of activities.

MPLED Never black screen LED Display wall screen stage led display rental stage screen


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