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MPLED debuts at Las Vegas IC24, showcasing new LED display product line

May 30, 2024

MPLED, a global leader in LED display technology, will showcase its latest innovations in high-end commercial rental and virtual reality stage display technology at the IC24 LED Expo in Las Vegas from June 12-14, booth number W3925. The company will launch its new RS and XR series products, highlighting their advancements in these fields.

IC24 LED Display screen  indoor led screen wall

The RS series is a high-end commercial rental stage LED screen designed for the premium market. It offers exceptional display quality, stable performance, outstanding color reproduction, and impressive contrast, making it the ideal choice for high-profile commercial events and large-scale performances.

IC24 RS rental stage led wall screen display

“Developed in collaboration with French company DEESPKY, the XR series virtual reality stage rental LED screen features an ultra-high scan rate of 8670Hz and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, delivering unprecedented realistic display effects and color accuracy. The XR series is particularly suitable for applications requiring a high degree of immersion, such as advertising shoots, e-sports, branded games, and film production, providing users with a stunning visual experience. Industry experts have remarked, ‘The performance of the XR series has exceeded our expectations, setting a new standard for virtual reality applications.'”

IC24 XR stage rental led video wall screen

Notably, both the RS and XR series products employ an innovative hanging installation method, simplifying the installation process while ensuring the stability and safety of the screens.

During the three-day expo, MPLED will showcase the superior performance and diverse applications of the RS and XR series through live installation demonstrations and interactive displays. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the impressive effects of these top-tier LED displays up close and explore their wide-ranging potential in various application scenarios.

MPLED warmly invites everyone to visit booth W3925 at the IC24 Expo in Las Vegas, USA, to witness this visual technology extravaganza. Together, let us explore the future of LED display technology and drive the progress and development of the industry.

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