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MPLED Elevates National Bank of Kuwait’s Meeting Experience

May 11, 2024

Date: March 15, 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration, leading LED display solution provider MPLED and premier security system provider ASG (Arab Security Group) have teamed up to enhance the conference and guest reception experience at Kuwait’s iconic financial hub, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). By introducing MPLED’s state-of-the-art SN series LED display screens, NBK is poised to redefine engagement and interaction within its prestigious Ballroom, serving as the cornerstone of the bank’s internal meetings and international guest receptions.

Situated on the 38th floor of the NBK Tower, the conference room features a central screen measuring 7.68 meters by 2.88 meters, utilizing the P1.25 model, delivering stunning high-definition visual effects that captivate audiences and provide a fresh visual experience for presentations.

Indoor small-pitch display screen

In addition to the central LED screen, MPLED also installed custom curved LED screens on both sides, each measuring 3.84 meters by 1.92 meters, providing seamless viewing experiences for attendees. The innovative design incorporates custom curved connecting pieces, ensuring a stylish and sophisticated appearance that complements the esteemed environment of the bank.

Indoor small-pitch display wall screen

MPLED’s comprehensive support extends beyond installation guidance, focusing on addressing issues such as LED module damage, parameter calibration, installation guidance, and technical exchanges. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, ensuring that the NBK team can rely on its LED display systems for uninterrupted top-tier performance.

Furthermore, MPLED has also installed LED screens in NBK branches, with one located in The Avenue Mall, the second-largest shopping center in the Middle East.

“As the premier LED display provider, MPLED is proud to partner with ASG to revolutionize NBK’s conference experience,”Jack Tang, CEO of MPLED, stated, “Our mission is focus on creating value for our partners and make led display business simple”

This partnership between MPLED and ASG not only enhances NBK’s reputation for innovation and excellence but also showcases the companies’ collective commitment to delivering premium solutions in their respective fields. Through this collaboration, NBK is poised to set new standards in conference technology and security, solidifying its position as a leader in the banking sector.

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