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Outdoor fixed advertising screens help Guatemala roads

May 26, 2023

In October 2023, on the highway in Guatemala, we can see an MG series P8 LED outdoor digital signage located on an outdoor pedestrian bridge.

With its excellent features, this display perfectly meets the needs of outdoor applications. It not only provides road information, but also is used for safety promotion, effectively conveying more safety knowledge. Such devices help to increase safety awareness among road users, promote orderly road traffic, and increase the dissemination of more important information about road safety.

MPLED’s MG series outdoor advertising screens adopt a four-times waterproof design to ensure stable operation under Guatemala’s changeable weather conditions. The efficient and easy-to-maintain heat dissipation system is another highlight. The MPLED MG series display is equipped with an excellent heat dissipation system, which can easily cope with 7*24 hours of operation, thereby extending its life.

In addition, this outdoor fixed advertising screen also has high brightness and high contrast, making it highly visible in outdoor environments, whether it is day or night. This is vital for providing information, advertising or instructions, especially in the case of installations on footbridges. Displaying slogans or information on such an ultra-clear outdoor fixed display can ensure that passing vehicles and pedestrians can clearly see the content on the screen, thereby better functioning as a warning and publicity.

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