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MPLED LED display lights up Busan World Expo successfully held

August 14, 2023

On June 18, 2023, MPLED, the world’s leading LED display manufacturer and one-stop solution provider, dispatched a professional technical team to Busan, South Korea, to provide installation and technical support for outdoor stage LED screens for the opening of the Busan World Expo.

MPLED Outdoor stage rental display installation

The Busan World Expo is an excellent platform to showcase world innovation and cultural exchanges. MPLED is honored to provide LED display visual solutions for this event. This time, the RB series outdoor P3.91 stage rental display screen is used. The large screen in the middle is 84m, and there are a total of 8 sets of 0.54m on both sides. This product is thin and light, has high refresh rate, and has an extremely three-layer anti-collision design. Cost-effective display advantages. Our products held outdoor events at the Expo smoothly as well as providing a comfortable viewing experience for the audience.

MPLED Outdoor stage rental display installation  stage background wall

MPLED’s outdoor rental display will become one of the highlights of the Busan Expo. Its high definition and excellent color reproduction capabilities will present colorful digital signage content to the audience. It can provide excellent image quality and the best viewing experience whether it is day or night or in any weather conditions such as wind or rain.

MPLED Outdoor rental stage background wall

The general manager of MPLED said: “Our goal is to provide customers with one-stop LED display solutions and bring them an unprecedented visual feast.”

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