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MPLED LED display helps South Korea: virtual stage display makes shocking debut

June 25, 2023

May 15, 2023 – MPLED successfully installed the XR series P2.6 virtual stage display in South Korea to create a breathtaking display experience. The technology has reached world-class performance in visual effects, color reproduction and virtual environment creation. Horizontal, it can be called a visual miracle.

MPLED’s XR series P2.6 virtual stage display has achieved impressive breakthroughs in many aspects, bringing users an excellent virtual experience. First of all, it surpasses the traditional Brompton system, not only performing well in terms of image quality, but also making huge progress in color reproduction, allowing users to immerse themselves in a more realistic virtual world.

At the same time, this technology reaches the DCI-P3 standard, ensuring precise color restoration and accuracy, further enhancing users’ perception in the virtual environment, allowing them to enjoy more realistic pictures.

The MPLED XR series P2.6 virtual stage screen also has a wider color gamut, which means users will have more color choices, making the virtual experience more colorful and diverse. What’s impressive is that this technology restores natural and true colors to a great extent with an astonishing 19 bits, bringing users unparalleled visual enjoyment and ensuring that every frame of image is full of vivid details, making the Virtual worlds are more engaging.

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