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MPLED customizes 90° right-angle display for HOYTS Cinema Group in New Zealand

December 21, 2023

HOYTS Cinema Group, the world’s leading cinema brand, recently made a striking technological upgrade at its New Zealand theaters, introducing the P3.91 indoor right-angle display, taking the movie experience to a whole new level. Key focal points of this innovative project are located next to the cinema entrance and elevators, creating a visually engaging focal point for audiences, providing additional entertainment and information.

P3.91 The indoor 90° right-angle display screen serves as the visual focus at the entrance of the cinema. Audiences can immediately feel its superior visual effects when entering the theater. This screen displays impressive movie trailers, HOYTS brand advertisements and interesting content, bringing the charm of the movie to the audience in advance and creating an exciting atmosphere.

The display’s front-facing features make maintenance easy and efficient. Most importantly, this display also has the highlight of never going black, ensuring that viewers can enjoy excellent visual effects at all times.

HOYTS Cinema Group is a globally recognized cinema brand dedicated to providing audiences with an exceptional cinematic experience. Their continuous innovation and technology investment enable audiences to enjoy the best audio-visual enjoyment.

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